Chandra Rugs

Chandra has been built upon the definition of one word: Namaste. This is a greeting in Sanskrit, a historical Indo-Aryan language that means, "the light in me welcomes the light in you."

At Chandra, tradition, heritage and contemporary design seamlessly coincide with vibrant, modern rug art produced by the finest artisans Bhadohi, India has to offer. These masterfully hand-woven area rugs display the true culture of family craftsmanship, handed down through generations and months of crafting. Chandra Rugs is dedicated to bring their traditional, contemporary hand-crafted Indian rug masterpieces to the forefront of the room and flooring accessory industry. Chandra Rugs is proud to extend these amazing works of art into today's focused, evolving area rug market. Chandra embraces the importance of personal touch whether you are in the market for a new area rug or simply want to share your passion for cutting edge design, Chandra Rugs is dedicated to granting you access to a wide-range of manufacturing capabilities.

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Chandra Rugs features the following area rug collections:

Aadi Acron Adonia Alfred Shaheen
Alpine Amazon Ambiance Amela
Amigo Amy Butler Anni Antara
Art Aschera Astrid Avani
Avalisa Azzura Bancroft Barun
Bay Bense Garza Big Jos Bliss
Breeze Camilla Capra Carona
Casta Celecot Core Shag Counterfeit
Cyrah Daisa Dalamere Deco
Dejon Delight Dharma Dior
Dream Duke Easton Edina
Emma At Home Ensign Espeda Estilo
Etop Exotic Faro Fenja
Ferno Flemish Fola Fresca
Galaxy Gardenia Gems Gianna
Gloria Hemson Hickory India
Inhabit Iris Jaipur Janelle Style
Jazz Juniper Kamala Kapaa
Kathryn Doherty Kids Kilim Kronos
Kubu Kumana Lavasa Leone
Lost Link Mai Masterton Mebec
Mercury Metro Milano Montaro
Nassau Natural Navya Naya
Nirvana Ombra Orchid Orlando
Ormet Oyster Paramera Penelope
Pernille Poligan Pooja Porta
Rain Revello Rivera Riza
Rocco Rowe Royal Saket
Sani Sara Satara Savona
Scandia Scotia Seasons Seschat
Solas Splash Sterling Stone
Strata Sunlight Taru Thomaspaul
Tirish Tulip Ulrika Urbana
Valencia Vani Venetian Verona
Vienna Zara Zeal Zensar