Why WondraWood?

Available exclusively at Efloors.com, WondraWood, the Flooring of the Future combines the look you want with the features you desire - all at the right price.

Unmatched beauty.
Unbelievable durability.
Simple installation.
Incredible value.
Grown and manufactured in the USA.

Distinctive Beauty - Available in varietals including birch, beech and maple, the hardwood is slowly heated, and then cooled, in a low oxygen environment. This process carbonizes the sugars in the wood - creating a rare, deep opalescent color all the way though. As a result of the carbonizing process enhancing the grain, each board will vary in color ensuring your floor is one-of-a-kind.

Backed by our 30-year wear and construction warranties, WondraWood’s unique properties provide durability to last a lifetime:

  • Greater surface hardness, repels dust
  • Resists surface cracking, warping, swelling and shrinkage
  • Improved protection against rot and wither
  • Absorbs less moisture and humidity
  • Stable at high temperatures and pressures
  • Increased fire- and heat-resistance

WondraWood is finished by applying 8 layers of ceramic enhanced acrylic urethane for added durability against foot traffic, scratching and sun fading.

Installs easily - WondraWood engineered hardwood flooring has an interlocking Välinge 2G joint profile. A true floating floor technology patented by Välinge Innovation, it’s both glue-free and nail-free for quick and effortless installation.

All this and a great price too? Who would believe you could have all this in affordable luxury hardwood flooring? Priced well below comparable quality hardwood flooring, this amazing product is only available at Efloors.com. Place your order today, and see for yourself why WondraWood truly is the Flooring of the Future!

Made in the USA - All WondraWood is grown in professionally managed United States forests, and conforms to the Lacey Act*. The natural beauty of these domestic hardwoods - milled and manufactured in Wisconsin, USA - shows through in both the quality and workmanship with which our products are grown, harvested and fabricated.

Eco-friendly – WondraWood is 100% chemical free! Because only heat and steam are used in the manufacturing process, it requires no stains, no chemicals, and no solvents. When you buy WondraWood, you can be confident that you are purchasing a non-toxic and safe product for your family.